The following is two week's supply of one naturally nutritious breakfast a day for one medium-sized dog and takes no more than 30 mins to do (once you get the hang of it).

MEAL ONE – meat and vegies mix

Place in a large bowl:

1 kg RAW meat: minced or chopped chicken or beef, or lamb or roo (alternate to give variety) with up to 500 gm roughly chopped liver, heart, brains, tongue,

(using a juicer or vitamiser) Add at least 2 large cups of

The pulp and juice of RAW vegetables and ripe fruit, eg: lots of leafy greens - spinach, celery, outer lettuce leaves etc, with vegies and ripe fruit eg: carrot, pumpkin, beetroot, apple, orange, herbs - parsley, garlic cloves, small knob ginger.


500gms Natural (Acidofilous bifidus) yogurt

6 Free Range Eggs (including some shells crushed by hand for adult dogs)

6 dessertspoons of cold pressed oil (linseed/olive)

6 dessertspoons Apple Cider Vinegar

6 heaped dessertspoons of Power Powder©

Optional extras: handful of rolled oats, polenta, cottage cheese, roughly chopped dried fruit, mashed banana

Mix together and put in containers approx 1 cup per dog per day and freeze - DO NOT COOK.  Serve thawed - at room temperature.


RAW MEATY BONES - from young animals - chicken (wings when pup/dog is small) carcasses, lamb necks, off-cuts, knuckles, flaps, rabbits etc.  Only buy meat for human consumption. So get friendly with your local butcher. Do not buy meat sold in pet shops.

FISH - Fresh, raw fish is best (yes, eyes and all)

Or tinned mackerel or sardines at least once a week.

No tit-bits!  They are the commonest cause of dogs being overweight.  Too often we use the gift of food to show much we love our dogs – and they will (usually) happily eat anything! To their detriment.

The amount you feed depends upon the size of the dog and the level of exercise it gets, but do feed a natural diet.  Your dog will appreciate it and you will rarely need to pay expensive Vet bills.

However there will always be those odd times when you need to resort to convenience, and

although the meat/vegie mix and raw meaty bones should be the basis of your dog’s diet, here are some healthy alternatives for when you are in a hurry or travelling.  Also it gives a break from feeding meat every day, which is a good idea, but do not get lazy and serve for more than two days a week. 
Feeding your pup and adult dog.pdf