Rheumatism Remedy Suggestions

  When the weather starts to cool down, many will be faced with aggravations of  their aches & pains.  All these remedies have the indication of                  symptoms being worse in cold weather.

Arnica – Sufferer feels bruised or beaten, rheumatic symptoms begin low and work their way up the body.  Symptoms are worse for touch, motion and rest.

Benzoic acid – Pains change position suddenly and are better for heat or profuse urination.  Symptoms are worse for motion and wine.

Calc carb – Rheumatic symptoms often appear after exposure to wet weather and extremities feel cold and weak.  Symptoms are better for constant walking and worse from standing, rest or lying down.

Calc phos – Symptoms involve feeling of stiffness, numbness and coldness.

Causticum – Stiffness and contraction of muscles with weakness, tearing pains and trembling may indicate the need for Causticum.  Symptoms are worse from cold, dry weather and better for wet, damp weather.

Cimicifuga – Uneasiness, aching and restlessness of the limbs, with muscular aching, better for rest and worse for motion at night and as evening approaches.

Dulcamara – Rheumatic symptoms alternating with diarrhea, limbs feel icy cold.  Symptoms are better at night and for motion.

Formica – Rheumatic problems with restlessness that appear suddenly and are improved after midnight and after rubbing.

Kali bic – Pain that moves quickly from one place to another, swelling, stiffness and cracking of joints; better from motion and pressure and worse in the morning.

Phytolacca – Shooting, electric shock-like rheumatic pains that shift rapidly with hard shiny swelling of the joints that are worse at night and for rain or motion.

Rhus tox – Hot, painful swelling in joints with stiffness and tearing pain in connective tissues, better for motion and worse for rest.

Ruta – Stiffness and pain in the lower back, hands and wrists, worse from exertion.

Salicylic acid – Swelling and pain in joints (especially the knees) that shift in location, worse at night and worse for touch or movement.