Most people know how painful even a small burn can be and that there really hasn't been anything available that can deal with burn injuries effectively and safely. Fortunately, homoeopathic medicine has treatment for burns that is safe and effective, offering a viable solution for the first line treatment of burns that can be used by any person in emergency situations where burns have occurred. 

The homoeopathic medicine Cantharis 200C has the potential to reduce the pain and suffering associated with burns as well as promote healing. (NB: there are other medicines for burns, including complications, Cantharis 200C is a primary medicine.) It can be used safely and effectively in emergency situations for infants and children of all ages as well as adults and older people. It is probably the only effective first line method of treatment that is available for burns in the world today, and has the potential to change the treatment of burns victims for the better.
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Current treatment options do not alleviate the pain and suffering effectively in the first instance of the burn, nor do they promote healing potential. Later, more serious cases may end up in hospital and depending on how badly a person is burnt, may lead on to antiseptic scrubbings, a series of graft operations that may last several hours each, perhaps 3 to 4 weeks in hospital and up to 18 months of physiotherapy and wearing pressure suits. Regardless of all this treatment, if a person is badly scarred, they will have to learn to live with the disfigurement for the rest of their lives.

Homoeopathic treatment  can be used in all cases of burns. However the outcome of homoeopathic treatment is dependant on the stage or severity of the burn. For example a simple small burn can be resolved quickly with homoeopathic medicine, a small burn that has blistered may take more time to resolve and a burn where the blister has been broken even more time. Large surface area burns or deep burns will require prolonged treatment and the use of other homoeopathic medicines to combat infection and promote healing. If surgery is required then other medicines may also be required to support this process. But in all these cases the primary homoeopathic medicine Cantharis 200C if maintained throughout, will reduce the pain and suffering and speed up healing. If given early enough in small burns where no other treatment has been tried resolution can be achieved quickly without any blistering or associated complications.

How do we know it works? The use of this medicine in the treatment of heat burns is the result of the recorded treatment of thousands of burns cases at private homoeopathic research institutions such as the International Institute of Advanced Homoeopathy and the Institute of Clinical Research. This information is also being verified privately by homoeopathic practitioners across Australia.

If it is so good, why isn't it being used to treat burn victims in our health system? 
Homoeopathy is not recognised by medical authorities in Australia due to conceptual and scientific clash.  The small number of practitioners here are being told to provide experimental and laboratory proof but do not have the resources to accomplish this. In the national health service where publicly funded resources are available it does not appear that there is any proposal of research. Currently there does not appear to be anyone in the national health service in Australia who is practically trying the process that is homoeopathy and recording their results, neither does it appear that anyone is examining the phenomenon of the numerous numbers of people who are having positive results. Therefore burns victims are left to suffer needlessly which is a travesty. Homoeopaths around the country are working tirelessly to change this.