By taking a holistic approach you can keep your dog flea-free.

Spring and warm weather can often mean the hatching of fleas (especially if humid).  In fact, flea eggs can lay dormant for up to two years awaiting the vibrations of a live host to awaken them.

Keeping your dog and its bedding clean and feeding a natural diet will help keep fleas at bay. 

However, should you discover fleas on your dog then the following will help repel them.

Wash your dog’s bedding regularly and add a few drops of herbal extracts -Pennyroyal, Lavender, Mint, Rosemary, Citronella, Rue, Wormwood, Eucalyptus.

in the wash and rinse water.  Also Neem Oil in the Shampoo and wash is very good for getting rid of fleas.

Wash your the dog the same as the bedding, then place insect repellent herbs under/in /around its bed.

Wash the floor area where your dog sleeps/rests: spray with borax mix (see 9).

Ensure that you vacuum the carpets regularly and dispose of bag contents quickly.

To remove fleas and their ‘dirt’/eggs: comb the dog’s coat ‘against the grain’ so that the coat stands up, then comb it back with a fine-toothed comb.  Concentrate on its back, starting at the root of the tail (where the tail joins its body), and work up the spine, as this is the area they are most likely to be found.  Dispose of any flea dirt (eggs) and fleas in hot soapy water and when finished flush down the toilet.

Include fresh garlic in your dog’s food (refer meat/vegie mix recipe).

Spray you dog’s coat with a natural bug spray every time you groom (daily, if flea infestation is bad) and around the dog’s bedding and sleeping area.  Delete is good for deterring fleas.

Here are some home-made recipes you can make up.

Slice one large lemon very thinly and place in a bowl with a tablespoon of crushed Rosemary leaves (or 6” sprig of Rosemary).

Pour over a 1 - 2 pints of hot, nearly boiling water.  Let steep overnight.

Strain into a large spray bottle.  Spray on coat and around bedding, regularly.

b)   Mix 20-30 drops of  Penny Royal Oil and 2 tspn metholayted spirits in 500mls        water and spray on coat and bedding.

Neem Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Citronella Oil mixed as one part, with 4 parts water.

A dog’s sense of smell is very sensitive, so don’t spray on the face.

18 drops of Penny Royal Oil into 500gms carb soda, sprinkled over the carpet.

A few drops of Penny royal Oil on the dog’s leather collar.

Mix Carb Soda and Borax and spray on floors. (Note: This leaves a white residue)

Ensure that you put the homoeopathic flea remedy in your dog’s drinking water whenever you change the water. Also in the dog’s mouth during the hot weather.

A combination of the above (not necessarily all) will keep your dog and house flea-free, but DO NOT PUT YOUR DOG’S HEALTH AT RISK by using expensive, commercial treatments.