Fast Foods for dogs

Mix I heaped teaspoon of Power Powder into any/all of the following:

Tinned Sardines or mackerel, with or w/o yogurt or cottage cheese.

Tinned creamed sweet corn, with or w/o table scraps

A mixture of sardines, sweet corn: with or w/o yogurt or cottage cheese.

Baked beans with or without the above-mentioned ingredients

Home-made soup or stew (without cooked bones)

Baked or steamed veges (with the water they have been cooked in)

Raw egg with or without low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese or milk

Left-over food scraps and gravy from home-cooked meal (Not cooked bones)

Share your breakfast of Porridge with yogurt, honey and dried fruit

Slices of w/meal bread spread with olive oil and garlic, baked dry in the oven*

Wholemeal bread with peanut paste (unsalted, unsugared) or tahini, or honey

Wholemeal bread cheese and vegemite sandwich

Cottage cheese with honey and/or banana and/or dried fruit (dogs love dates)

Snacks in-between meals are not recommended: they can play a key role in causing obesity.  The exception is dried liver or ham, fritz, mettwurst and cheese used for training treats.  Refer Recipe for Training Treats and Homemade biscuits.