Diet Chart for your Puppy 8 weeks – 4 months

7 amBREAKFAST: Cereal.  Soak ½ cup of quick-cooking oats in a ½ - 1 cup of milk (goat’s preferably) with 1 tablespoon coconut or polenta overnight. Include chopped dates/raisins/sultans.  In the morning, add ½ cup boiling water, some yogurt and teaspoon raw honey or molasses.  Mashed banana and carob are good optional extras. 

noonLUNCH:Chicken Mince with mushed up raw vegies – mostly leafy greens (refer Adult Diet Recipe). This can be made up in advance and kept in fridge for 24 hours (or freezer for longer). Start with 1/2 cup gradually increase to 1 cup. 

5 pmDINNER:Raw meat on the bone– 1 raw chicken wing (which has been bashed to break down the bones).  Gradually increase to 2, 3, 4.  At 6 months of age replace with to a chicken carcass (sold as soup bones in supermarkets or butchers).

8 pmSUPPER:Cottage Cheese or Fish Mixture or Chicken Necks

½ cup cottage cheese with - a tin of sardines, or chopped chick liver or lamb heart.

OR Tin sardines with small tin creamed corn. Or two chicken necks.

At  4  months of age when the amounts have been increased, reduce to 3 feeds by replacing the Breakfast cereal meal with the mince and veg mix for breakfast. Move the Dinner to Lunch and the Supper to Dinner.

At  6  months  go to the adult diet – two feeds a day.

When on two feeds per day the main ingredients in the diet should be:

Raw meat and mushed vegies/ripe fruit with yogurt, egg, oil, and Power Powder, (refer to Adult diet page for recipe)

Raw meat on the bone (refer to Adult Diet page).

ideally with a fast day every 7  days.

Do try to fast your dog for one day a week, but if you can’t and your dog gains too much weight, reduce the feeds to one meal a day for 2 days a week.  This – together with increased exercise - will prevent your dog becoming overweight. 

Obesity is the most common health problem for pet dogs.  We often make the mistake of showing how much we love and care for our dog by giving it something to eat.  As this is often done in between meals it can inadvertently lead to obesity.

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