Heartworm – natural alternatives for prevention.

The heart worm larvae (dirofilaria immitis) are transmitted by mosquitoes; once only common in Queensland but now in most States of Australia.

The life cycle of the heart worm is as follows:

1.The mosquito ingests microfilarial from a dog infected with heartworm.

2.Inside the mosquito, microfilarial develop into infective larvae.

3.Mosquito draws blood and deposits larvae.

4.Larvae travels to the dog’s heart where they mature into adult worms.

5.Fertile adult worms produce microfilarial which are transported through the dogs bloodstream.

6.The cycle starts once again when a mosquito draws blood from the newly infected dog.

Heartworm disease can interfere with the function of the heart, lungs and blood system.  Obvious clinical signs of the disease may not appear for up to a year after the dog is infected. 

Common symptoms are a painful cough, staggering gait, gasping, general lethargy and anaemia.  Haemorrhage from the nostrils is usual in advanced stages.

Most  pungent/bitter herbs, given regularly, will kill the infestation – however, I have found that my boys are not at all keen on being fed these.

The homoeopathic alternative is the dirofilaria potentised (made into a homoeopathic remedy) and no dog that I have ever seen that is on it has ever had Heartworm that wasn’t eliminated.  That to me speaks for itself.  Administration is twice a day for three days, once a month.  The dogs are always very well on it and there are no side effects at all which is absolutely wonderful.

If you are looking for a non-toxic, economical alternative for Heartworm protection, please give me a call.

Conversely you should be concerned with the ever-increasing evidence that Ivermectin (the ingredient used in Heartguard) is causing several very drastic changes in dogs.  Dr. Jean Dodds reported that it has been linked to fertility problems, thyroid problems and auto-immune disorders. http://www.ItsForTheAnimals.com


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